York Floorcare provide excellent and a very professional service which is exceptional value for money. I enquired on a Monday afternoon through the website and received a telephone call later that evening. Alan provided a quotation and explained a couple of issues that may have occured with the hoover, I was pleasantly surprised that I could take the hoover the following day to be fixed. It only took a couple of hours and Alan had fully serviced the hoover as well as fixing the issue. I would highly recommend York Floorcare. – Hannah Robinson 19 December 2017

I was delighted at how quickly and efficiently my Hetty hoover was repaired after accidentally hoovering up a child\’s scarf, and great value for money too, friendly service at my front door saved me from buying new parts. Thanks again! – Becky O’Leary 09 March 2017

Two Dysons for repair, one needed major work including a new motor, the other a new gasket and service. I was given an estimate within 24hrs and all the work was completed within a couple of days. I now have two fully working Dysons and at a very reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to recommend York Floor Care for any Vacuum cleaner repairs, fast, friendly service, Thank you. – JillL-13 23 Jan 2017

Provided a courtesy Dyson while repairing ours – and it came back as good as new! Well recommended – Ruth Harris 10 Jan 2017

Fast, friendly and fair. Certainly knows how to treat customers. Highly recommended. Thanks from Dennis at Acaster Mailbox! – DennisO-7 15 Aug 2016

Thank you for fixing my Dyson. I thought I was going to have to fork out for a new one but you managed to fix it and for a fraction of the cost! Friendly and quick service. Would highly recommend. – LouiseW-16 09 Feb 2016

Dyson repair and service, Dyson DC08 Like New!
Head kept falling off the telescopic poll of my Dyson DC08 and was well overdue a service…dropped it off on Tuesday picked it up on Wednesday running like new all for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!! – NicciP 28 Jan 2016

I visited York Floorcare at their home in July, 2015, on a Saturday morning. Very kind gentleman sorted out my Dyson very quickly and even gave it a clean. Very reasonably priced as well. A very happy customer. – MaryL-2 27 Jan 2016

Would highly recommend York floorcare. Fast service, good price and very friendly. My dyson hoover works like new now and I was considering buying a new one! – JennyJane1 24 Nov 2015

A quick call, and my dyson was fixed and looking like new (it’s 10 years old!). Would definitely recommend York Floor Care. Thanks very much for an easy efficient and quality repair. – Jessvs 11 Sep 2015

Friendly, helpful, excellent service. Phoned and explained needed new fan belt, very friendly man said bring it over as need correct fitting. Fitted new fan belt and gave hoover little service all while we waited. Very efficient and friendly service, thank you would highly recommend. – Yorkiegirl63 06 Jun 2015

Excellent Service. Dropped my Dyson off for a service as it was not working properly. I was given a replacement Dyson to use in the meantime. Quick repair, a couple of days, reasonable price and tips on how to maintain it better than I had been doing. Would use again and would definitely recommend
– dBanno 28 May 2015

Friendly and very efficient service. My Hoover was collected from my home within 2 hours of calling. I was given updates on the repair via text ( great for me as I struggle to answer my phone during the working day) and had my Hoover delivered back to me within 5 days. Would highly recommend ! – J_h_jas 08 May 2015

What a Find! Searching internet for repairer for fairly old and out of warranty dyson I came across York Floorcare and decided to give them a try. Spoke to a very helpful man and delivered him my hoover next day and got another to cover whilst mine was being repaired. Hardly had time to use this as he called me the next day to say mine was fixed having got a new motor (guaranteed for 12 months), new belt and had a service! Really impressed with the service and cost – would recommend to anyone. – nihlis 08 May 2015

Superb Service. We had multiple problems with our upright Dyson with loss of suction from both parts. York Floorcare collected and returned it within 24hrs after fault finding and a full service. Works like new. We even had a replacement whilst away. All for a very reasonable cost. Would happily use again. – LeeJohnson2015 02 Apr 2015

Excellent service! Quick, efficient, helpful service, collected our broken hoover same day and returned less than 48 hours later looking and working like New. We would highly recommend! – SandraHon 27 Feb 2015

Excellent Service. We highly recommend Alan he called promptly for our poorly Dyson and he rang only after a few hours to tell us the problem (even offered us a replacement cleaner whilst ours was been repaired). Alan only had the Dyson a few days and that was only because he had to order the part, then rang us to deliver our repaired Dyson back. Excellent service, not expensive and he’s a friendly guy. Thanks Lynn & Bob in Huntington, York – LynnHud 21 Jan 2015

Would highly recommend! Very helpful and friendly service. The Dyson was repaired very quickly, and now works as if it was brand new! We were even given a replacement Dyson while ours was being fixed. – sarah2603 16 Jan 2015

Highly recommend Our Henry hoover stopped working and we found Alan / York Floorcare online. All the reviews are spot on. Alan is very friendly, helpful and professional. He fixed the hoover really quickly and for a very reasonable price. We were offered a replacement hoover whilst ours was out of action but didn’t need one in the end as Alan fixed it the same day. He even gave me a handy free pen with built-in torch on when I settled the bill 🙂 – Whatlingben 10 Jan 2015

Fantastic Service. Would highly recommend using York Floorcare. The service was great and very professional and our Dyson is up and running again. The cost of the repair was also very reasonable. – AntoniD 03 Nov 2014

Great Dyson Repairs. First class service on our Dyson, prompt friendly and reasonable. Our much abused Dyson is as good as new, and machine was collected and returned to us – delighted and would certainly recommend. – LornaMar 08 Oct 2014

Dyson hoover repair. Great service and left us a replacement hoover on no extra cost whilst our machine was in for repair. Would highly recommend. – AlexBur1 15 Jul 2014

Brought our old Dyson back to life! Super quick service as well – Philip Smith 15 Feb 2016

Five stars – Laura Thompson 29 June 2015

Thanks Alan my Dyson just like new and very reasonable price you have worked magic – Ted Brown 23 Oct 2016

Five Stars – Bexx Hillman 29 June 2015